Welcome back!

Because I was not sure about the design of the remodeled webpage and how to present the content, the webpage was offline for several month – sorry about that! However, many people contacted me and asked, “Hey, have you been hacked? Where are your pictures?” Lol – I have not been hacked, just took a a little bit longer to develop my approach to a new webpage design! No thrills and frills, just a plain and clean design to showcase my pictures.

Many of you know, that I have taken the steps from beeing an amateur to a professional photographer AND BACK to the amateur level! More or less, I got tired of shooting pictures for my clients with their requirements and taste, rather than for myself until photography became a burden! Now photography is part of my life besides my normal day job again and I donĀ“t do any assignments any more. I want to enjoy it as a hobby and create the pictures I like and favour!