Big Circle II 4th day

In Page I did not spent much time – the Horseshoe Bend and the Antelope Canyons I had visited twice already and I just needed a good night sleep after a long day of taking pictures and driving.

Early morning I arrived in Kanab and was greeted with a bunch of hot air ballons taking of in to the sun!

Next stop was planned in Glendale, Utah, where I wanted to visit William D. (Bill) Spencer who owns a moderate sized collection of old cars – not a junkyard! ,-)

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Slowly I would turn West to return to Vegas but not before taking a quick drive through Bryce Canyon.

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Leaving Bryce Canon behind I started a little detour North. Halfway up to Salt Lake City is a 63 acres junkyard owned and operated by the Dwight family. On a Sunday a big risk to stand in front of a closed gate – but somewhow I managed to get in and take some decent pictures.

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